Whether you are a small to midsize business or a distributed organization with branch offices, storage worries should be the last thing on your mind. As you work with a varying range of connected users and devices, you need to accommodate their demands to store and access growing volumes of files, such as business documents, images, audio files, and videos. You need efficient file storage that is scalable and secure, yet easy to manage.

Focus on your business, not your file storage

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is here to help. Whether your business is starting out, building momentum, or expanding, HPE StoreEasy—a powerful breed of optimized, efficient, secure, and highly available storage systems—will help propel your business further.

HPE StoreEasy Storage is trusted and chosen by so many organizations that it is the number 1 NAS product family under $15K.1 With the 5th and latest generation of StoreEasy Storage family, you can get up to 211 percent more capacity,2 at 21 percent lower $/GB, 61 percent increase in supported users, 2X faster drive transfer speed, and 25X faster RAID rebuilds.

The HPE StoreEasy Storage family is comprised of:

HPE StoreEasy 1000 Storage: designed for SMBs, branch offices, and workgroup environments.

HPE StoreEasy 3000 Gateway Storage and HPE StoreEasy 3000 Gateway Blade: designed for medium to large businesses and branch office SAN environments.


The HPE StoreEasy Storage family caters to your organization’s unique storage needs. They integrate easily into new and existing environments—including SAN environments—offering your storage administrators and IT generalists a straightforward and simplified management experience.

With built-in security features, your data remains well protected and available to your users when and where they want to access it. It also enables you to install and run malware protection software on the system itself, eliminating the need for an external malware protection server. With features including near-continuous health monitoring, mirrored OS solid state drives (SSDs), advanced memory protection, reliable software support, and more, you can provide users with a highly available solution that keeps their data readily accessible. StoreEasy customers are also backed by the support and expertise of our highly skilled HPE storage specialists.



Key features and benefits

Optimized: Tailored for file storage

  • HPE StoreEasy Storage comes with pre‑configured hardware and a Windows®‑based storage OS for purpose‑built file storage. StoreEasy installation and network configuration wizards simplify deployment and prevent common configuration errors for faster deployment.
  • HPE StoreEasy Dashboard consolidates all key status information. Easily monitor capacity utilization, performance, and health from a single user interface, designed to be straightforward and intuitive for IT generalists. The StoreEasy Dashboard reduces the need to navigate multiple tools and interfaces for system management.
  • The best practices driven storage provisioning tool analyzes system storage and recommends the most efficient setup for optimum performance and capacity, or a balanced configuration based on the available storage.
  • A variety of HDD bundles make it easier for you to buy, deploy, and provision additional storage capacity over the life of the product. Low capacity email notifications can be enabled to send you alerts with drive bundle recommendations and ordering information.


Efficient: Saves you money and time

  • Achieve an average of 50–60 percent space savings with granular data deduplication.4 A finely tuned deduplication engine provides options based on common workloads to maximize savings. StoreEasy systems running Windows Storage Server 2016 benefit from improved deduplication performance for large files (up to 1 TB) and large file systems (up to 64 TB).
  • Secure file sync and share enables mobile workers to access their files from anywhere with corporate data controls in place, including data encryption, data wipe, user lock screen password enforcement, file classification, and storage quotas.
  • Use advanced data management to automatically improve resource usage, comply with data retention policies, and enhance protection of sensitive files.


  • Consolidate multiple workloads and IT services in a single platform with included support for a broad range of file access protocols, Microsoft® Hyper-V and SQL Server application storage, iSCSI block access, and IT infrastructure services such as print, Domain Name System (DNS), and DHCP.
  • Significantly reduce your branch office network bandwidth consumption with Hosted BranchCache, which automatically caches frequently accessed corporate data center files for faster access to local users.

Secure: Protect your data always

  • HPE StoreEasy Storage protects data while at rest with file system encryption and BitLocker Drive Encryption, and while it is being transferred with SMB encryption and signing. SMB 3.1.1 hardens security between clients and StoreEasy to prevent man‑in‑the‑middle attacks. The lockable bezel protects your data’s physical security through inhibiting drive access with keyed entry.
  • Use File Classification Infrastructure to dynamically identify files based on sensitivity and implement sophisticated access controls using Active Directory Rights Management Services.
  • Install and run malware protection, such as antivirus, on the system itself—reducing the cost and complexity of connecting to an external malware protection server. Prevent against data loss with Volume Shadow Copy Service online snapshots and support for agent-based backup software.
  • Opt to further protect your data with seamless backup and recovery of HPE StoreEasy data to a vault in Microsoft Azure cloud using your Azure subscription account. Also, optionally enable simplified and cost efficient compliant archiving with iTernity Compliant Archive Solution (iCAS), validated to meet the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 17a-4(f) requirements.


Highly available: Prevent business and user disruption

  • Increases uptime with standard features including near continuous health monitoring with HPE Active Health System, mirrored OS drives, redundant fans (not available on all models) and power, and advanced memory protection.
  • Confidently deploy large file systems through leveraging file system online self‑healing, online verification, and precise and rapid repair that massively reduce downtime from file corruption.
  • Prevent disruption and loss using StoreEasy’s built-in asynchronous replication to protect data sets up to 100TB. Deploy a resilient and highly available multisite disaster recovery solution using two StoreEasy systems as replication targets. Data is replicated between sites, and an orchestration layer between StoreEasy systems delivers a seamless end-user experience, regardless of which StoreEasy the data resides on. Opt to license Double‑Take Availability from HPE Complete for more sophisticated and larger scale disaster recovery deployments.