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Automation and Our Service Delivery

Automation is what drives efficiency and profitability within technology solution practices. RMM tools, like

Most IT systems are inherently automation engines in themselves that contain the capability to reproduce processes and answer cause and effect situations. Some tools do an exceptional job of leveraging this

Capability while others fall short even though they attempt to capture the essence of repeatable tasks. In all cases, the automation can be tailored specifically to the exact environment of the organisation. On the downside, it can be time-consuming to find the necessary skills internally or in the marketplace to accomplish this.

Mastering automation will allow our business not only to be able to offer repeatable service but do so in a very controlled and organised fashion.

This improves customer satisfaction levels and allows business owners to sleep at night, knowing they are doing an effective job of maintaining client systems. The correct incentive for applying automation is to increase productivity and/or quality beyond that possible with current human labour levels to realise economies of scale and/or predictable quality levels. The incorrect application of automation which occurs most frequently, is an effort to eliminate or replace human labour. Simply put, whereas the correct application of automation can net as much as three to four times the original output with no increase in current human labour costs, the incorrect application of automation can only save a fraction of current labour costs.

The often untapped power of  Automation is the ability to build an automated response system to manage your clients’ IT systems. Tapping into the power of automation is the largest hurdle that a technology.

Solution providers must overcome this to make service delivery successful. The mechanism is built from the ground up with automation in mind and includes the key components to facilitate the delivery of automated services. The components within the Automation system empower us.