Organisations need to focus on Security

Reputation is a Matter ..think about your Security 


Customers need to focus on security


Security should be on top of Orgnization's mind


If security is not top of mind for your customers, it should be. Security breaches can be disastrous for IT and for the business as a whole. Victims of ransom ware and other malware attacks may need to pay large sums of cash or spend considerable IT resources to recover and get the network up and running. These breaches can result in a loss of productivity from downtime, and can even stop business. Breaches can also permanently damage the company's reputation and future sales. When personal information is stolen, lawsuits and loss of customers can continue to harm companies long after the breach.


The average cost of a data breach is US$3.86 million

According to Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach is US$3.86 million. Security Boulevard adds that nearly 16 billion records were exposed in the first half of 2020. No industry is safe, and organizations of all sizes can be targets. Restaurant conglomerates, tech companies, retailers, banks, telecom companies, and hospitals were all victims in the first quarter of 2020. Look up security breaches in your customers' industry to find examples that will be relevant to them.


Traditional Security contols are failing

Traditional Security contols are failing

A security breach can happen to anyone, but you can help your customers avoid becoming a victim. As you learned in Module 2, traditional security approaches that focused primarily on the perimeter of the network have become ineffective as standalone security strategies when users are accessing the network from anywhere on any device. Now more workers than ever are connecting from home. Global Workplace Analytics predicts that 25-30% of the workforce will be working-from-home multiple days a week by the end of 2021.

With so many workers connecting to the network remotely and the number of devices on the network increasing, the network is more vulnerable. IoT is no longer just a trend, and security teams need to be prepared to protect the network from the 55 billion IoT devices that will be connected worldwide by 2022 according to IDC.

Attacks can come from everywhere on any device. On average, it takes only 5 minutes for an IoT device to be attacked once it is connected to the network. These threats can be mitigated with the right security strategy, but unfortunately most teams need better security controls.

Your customers cannot rely on add-on security software to prevent the number and level of sophisticated attacks on the network. Ponemon institute found that data breaches take an average of 280 days to identify and contain.

Customers need a comprehensive security strategy to ensure that every device and user is not another vulnerability that can be exploited by sophisticated attackers