Hewlett Packard Enterprise OneView Incl 3 year 24x7 Support Physical 1 Server License

HP OneView including 3yr 24x7 Support Phys 1 Svr License

Hewlett Packard Enterprise OneView Incl 3 year 24x7 Support Physical 1 Server License. Number of years: 3 year(s), Service time (hours x days): 24x7

How people use technology, consume information and stay ahead of everyday life is rapidly changing. In parallel, today’s IT workforce now expects an intuitive, rich and productive experience to help them get the job done in the data center. HP OneView delivers a consumer-inspired approach to infrastructure management that allows teams to work in a more natural and collaborative way. By shifting the focus from ‘how devices run’ to ‘how people work’, HP OneView delivers unprecedented ease of use so you can deploy and manage infrastructure faster, at lower cost, and at virtually any scale. Optimized first for HP BladeSystem and ProLiant infrastructure, HP OneView offers a common platform that helps IT teams capture best-practices, processes and configurations via a software-defined approach. By eliminating many manual operations, your team can deploy resources at the push of a button, reduce the cost and errors of lifecycle management, and adapt to future enterprise needs.

Single, Collaborative Platform for Speed and Productivity
• HP OneView has a contemporary web 2.0 design that delivers an instantly-familiar workspace for your entire IT team, along with a consistent view of your infrastructure.

Software-defined Approach to Lifecycle Management to Reduce Cost and Errors
• HP OneView provides configuration profiles for push-button builds that instantly deliver resources without mistakes or variation.

Open Development Platform Adaptable to Your Enterprise Needs
• HP OneView's fully programmable interface allows easy creation of customized workflows and scripts for your environment.

VMware vCenter Server integration allows hardware management from the vCenter virtualization console
• HP OneView integrates with VMware vCenter Server for comprehensive monitoring, remote control, and power optimization. It combines physical and virtual views from a single pane of glass in the vCenter console in the context of the cluster, host, or virtual machine selected in VMware vCenter.

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Number of years 3 year(s)
Service time (hours x days) 24x7
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