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Cyber Security Solutions

Does your security strategy benefit you, or your cyber adversaries?

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  • Gain context visibility and control all domains with ease and efficiency
  • Simplify and improve IT operations with a cloud-native single pane of glass for WLAN, LAN, and SD-WAN across campus, branch, remote worker, and data centre locations.
  • The layer where physical devices live where data travels from point A to point B


  • Simplify the task of securing your edge from IoT devices while also simplifying security operations
  • Eliminate the need for static configurations and cumbersome ACLs that are creating untenable pressure on your IT teams
  • Software-defined policy layer: visibility, authentication/authorization, dynamic segmentation, continuous monitoring, policy enforcement, unified threat management


  • Reduce mean time to issue resolution by up to 90%,
  • Services such as management, orchestration, and locationing live here and are exposed to users via Aruba Central
  • With this architecture and through Aruba Central, organizations can configure, manage, report and troubleshoot across all network domains including wired, wireless and SD-WAN across locations
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