Hewlett Packard Enterprise AE459B modular server chassis 1U

1U SAS Rack Mount Kit

Hewlett Packard Enterprise AE459B. Chassis type: 1U. Data transfer rate: 6 Gbit/s. Weight: 8.07 kg

The HP Rack-mount Kits provide a high density, rack-mountable tape drive and RDX removable disk drive solution for both direct-attach SCSI, USB, or SAS backup and archiving applications. The HP 1U Rack-mount Kit supports DAT and LTO Ultrium internal tape drives, and RDX internal removable disk backup systems. The 1U rack-mount kit is available in SCSI, SAS and USB interfaces. With two (2) Ultrium 3000 drives, the 1U SAS enclosure can provide a maximum compressed capacity of 6 TB with a data transfer rate up to 2 TB/hr. The HP 3U Rack-mount Kit holds two (2) full-height internal tape drives, four (4) half-height internal tape drives, or a combination of one (1) full height and two (2) half-height tape drives. It is available in both SCSI and SAS interfaces. With four (4) LTO-5 Ultrium 3000 SAS drives this enclosure solution can provide a maximum compressed capacity of 12 TB. Space-efficient Way to Rack-mount Tape Drives and RDX Backup Systems. HP Rack-mount Kits are ideal for customers who have limited space in their rack as it allows for a smaller footprint leaving valuable space for other key components in the data center. The 1U rack enclosure can hold up to (2) half-height drives. The 3U rack enclosure can hold (2) full-height drives, (4) half-height drives, or (1) full and (2) half-height drives. The 1U and 3U Rack-mount Kits allow users to mix a variety of tape technologies, including DAT and Ultrium, as well as RDX removable disk technology. The enclosures support standard internal tape drives and RDX removable disk backup systems, allowing for drive upgrades when you need additional capacity or want to migrate to new generation of tape drives or RDX removable disk technology. SCSI, SAS and USB Interfaces to Suit your Environment. SCSI versions of the 1U and 3U Rack-mount Kit allow customers to connect SCSI tape drives to high-density servers where rack space is a premium. SAS versions of the 1U and 3U Rack-mount Kit allow customers to rack-mount SAS-based tape drives providing an alternative to internal models in racked environments. The 1U USB Rack-mount Kit is an industry first for enclosures; this solution will allow customers alternative methods to connecting HP USB tape drives to servers, in addition to internal and table top models. Quick and Easy Installation. In addition to no tools required for installation, the 1U and 3U rack-mount kits provide top access and removable drive tray for easier access to tape drives.

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Chassis type 1U
Data transfer rate 6 Gbit/s
Weight 8.07 kg
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